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delightful escape from the stresses of your busy life?
  • One Free Session Every Week
  • Choose From Teeth Whitening , LED Light Therapy Photofacials (Red,Blue,Yellow, Infared), Gold Mask Facials, Platinum Mask Facials, Under Eye Mask Facial Gold, Under Eye Mask Facial Platinum 
  • A serene and relaxing space where aromatherapy is included in every session
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At the Sugar Spa, you are skillfully guided on an enchanting journey to younger-looking healthier skin and a clean, bright smile, all self-administered by you. 
Why a Sugar Spa Membership?
  • Being a Sugar Spa member makes you part of a unique and special clientele - those who desire a spa experience like no other
  • To provide tailored Sugar Spa therapy sessions, to you who are proactive in the care of your skin and teeth, and you love the idea of taking the lead.
  • As a Sugar Spa member you have the best of all worlds – a serene and relaxing space where aromatherapy is included in every session, proven, scientifically based skin therapies will erase the effects of your hectic schedule as you treat yourself to high-tech light facials that eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin.
  • All the treatments, even the revolutionary LED teeth whitening sessions, are all self-administered under the direction of our Sugar Spa experts and come at a fraction of the cost of typical spa treatments.
  • You will enjoy special perks such as deep member discounts, regular monthly treatments of your own choice and the opportunity to share the experience with friends and family.
From the moment you enter our amazing Sugar Spa clinic, you and your party will delight in the exceptional care and attention you’ll receive as you choose
from a stunning selection of therapies for your skin and teeth.
Sugar Spa Therapy Options
1.  Teeth Whitening
Sugar Spa trained technicians will see to it that you are well prepared for administering this cutting edge teeth whitening therapy, using the high tech systems that are at your fingertips during your relaxing spa session. Scientifically proven light emitting diode technology, paired with a powerful whitening compound activated by the treatment, will banish stains and yellowing and restore the pearly magnificence of your teeth, ensuring you have a million dollar smile.

Get back your confidence and self esteem that a dull and discolored teeth may have destroyed.
45 Min In-Office Lazer Teeth Whitening 
Value: $150  |  Yours: Free 
60 Min In-Office Lazer Teeth Whitening 
Value: $199  |  Yours: Free
2  LED Photo Facial Treatments
Light emitting diodes in red, green and blue are scientifically proven to decrease the effects of aging on skin and increase production of collagen and elastin, harnessing the body’s own healing powers to firm, soften, cleanse and heal by reaching layers of the dermis which no cream or ointment can reach. Red Light creates a smooth overall skin tone builds collagen, reducing wrinkles,including crow's feet, reduces flush, and broken capillaries. Trained Sugar Spa technicians consult with each user to make them experts in the delivery of their own superior LED Light spa therapies, offering guidance and ensuring a wonderful experience for every patient.
Improve your skin's elasticity and texture, as well as stimulate the collagen process, naturally with Yellow LED light.
With this LED technology you will erase fine lines and wrinkles, acne, scarring and also soften, firm and heal your skin.

Now you can escape harsh chemicals and surgical procedures and still have a Youthful and healthy skin.
LED Photo Facial Treatment (Red Light)
Value: $200  |  Yours: Free
LED Photo Facial Treatment (Blue Light)
Value: $200  |  Yours: Free
LED Photo Facial Treatment (Infra-Red Light). Value: $200  |  Yours: Free
LED Photo Facial Treatment (Yellow Light)
Value: $200  |  Yours: Free
Some of Our Reviews from Yelp
Jessica V.
San Diego, CA
y far the best spa experience I've ever had. My spa technician Angelica was both friendly and knowledgeable and has helped me obtain smoother, healthier skin and a brighter smile!
I've been to this location twice. On my first visit, I was able to whiten my teeth almost four shades brighter in the amount of an hour. Since I'm an avid coffee enthusiast, I was thrilled!
On my second visit, I came in with some friends and we made a day out of it, drinking champagne and relaxing as we took turns pampering ourselves. On this visit, I tried out the PLATINUM MASK with the YELLOW LIGHT therapy to hydrate my skin that has been feeling bit dry and weathered lately. The results were fantastic. Where makeup was globbing up around the patches of dry skin now rolls over and evens with ease. I highly recommend using this spa for your next pampering retreat!

Carrie B.
Encinitas, CA
I initially found The Sugar Spa through social media. So when I was scrolling through YELP looking for a facial these guys were an instant hit. As time passed by I kept seeing this company pop up on my feed, so I just had to see what all the buzz was about. When I arrived I was promptly greeted by a very nice young lady. After being greeted I was walked over to my station were I had the Gold Mask + Blue LED facial done. During the whole duration of my treatment I felt very relaxed in the setting technician was very accommodating constantly making sure I was OK. I did feel and see an instant glowing difference in my face after the procedure. Since I was so stoked with the results I signed up for a membership which lets you come back 1 time a week for any service I desire for a flat monthly fee. I am definitely recommending this to my friends, family, and coworkers. Thank you Sugar Spa!

Lora B.
Chula Vista, CA
The Sugar Spa is a new Do It Yourself (DIY) beauty spa specializing in teeth whitening and facial treatments.They have been opened since August 2016. The franchise originated in Miami, FLA and the concept was created by the CEO when he realized there was a lack of beauty spas that focused on affordable DIY treatments with the help of a trained technician. The name comes from the bubbly nature of treatments available at the spa. The location is a bit hidden as it in in the back of an industrial building in east Chula Vista, but I soon realized that this is actually helpful to the tranquil atmosphere. As you enjoy your treatment, you can relax and listen to the soothing music being played without the distraction of noisy traffic or pedestrians.It has a modern, minimalist look. It is also a shared space, there are no private rooms, just lounge chair beds separated by curtains. 
I enjoyed the 24K gold facial treatment which infuses collagen into your skin. The mask was cool to the touch when applied.This mask is paired with the red LED light treatment. I sat under the light for about 35-40 minutes. Afterwards, I did notice my skin was much softer and felt very refreshed! The manager asked me how everything went and even applied sunscreen to my skin before I left for the day.

3.  Mask Facial
Restore the glow of youth to your own skin with Sugar Spa’s Gold & Platinum Mask Facial.
The 24K gold is a proven treatment for adding a radiance to skin, while tightening and firming, energizing and hydrating skin to restore a youthful glow. At Sugar Spa you will finally take charge of your own skin therapies, using state of the art technique and tools to ensure astounding results, lavishly pampering yourself at the spa without the costly investment associated with many spa facials. Guided by trained Sugar Spa experts, clients you will ave the power of gold & platinum at their fingertips as you administer your own healing gold mask facial therapy.
Gold Mask Facials
Value: $170  |  Yours: Free
Platinum Mask Facials
Value: $170  |  Yours: Free
Under Eye Mask Facial Gold
Value: $170  |  Yours: Free
Under Eye Mask Facial Platinum
Value: $170  |  Yours: Free
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Shaina C.
San Diego, CA
Had such an amazing day at the Sugar Spa! I received the teeth whitening treatment and loved my results! They showed right away before I got the treatment what my teeth would look like after, and the results were amazing. Thank you so much sugar spa for such a fun day of champagne, fruit, and beauty treatments! :) will definitely come back!

Jen W.
Chula Vista, CA
Today was my first visit to The Sugar Spa and I'm so happy to have something like this in our area! I live right here in Eastlake and love finding local places to relax and unwind and this was just what I needed. I did the Gold Mask Facial and loved having an excuse to just lay still and relax for 35 minutes while the mask worked it's magic. It felt refreshing and left my skin glowing and feeling so well moisturized! Everyone there was so nice and helpful and the ambiance was great. I'll definitely be going back soon!

Cassandra M.
Covina, CA
Went in for the teeth whitening and I loved it! My dentists charges about 200 dlls for teeth whitening and here I only payed 79 and I got a home care kit! This is a great deal and the staff is very accommodating and friendly. Definitely recommend this place.

Donna H.
Fremont, CA
Not from San Diego, and the Sugar Spa was reccomeneded to me by my friend Chanel & she loves it so i gave it a try and i loved it too. Never going anywhere else to whiten my teeth. Thanks to The Sugar Spa employees. -Donna from the Bay Area

Suzanne C.
Santa Rosa, CA
Last time I was down South my friend took me to The Sugar Spa, we had an awesome relaxing afternoon. We both had the 24K gold facial treatment with the red light therapy. The staff were very knowledgeable and accommodating. The Spa is tucked away, so it is a bit difficult to find, we should have used GPS! So nice to have the option for snacks and tea too! Overall, the atmosphere is very tranquil and calming. I would definitely say treat yourself to a spa day!

Laura C.
San Diego, CA
I loved this place! I went here on my birthday last week and got the in office teeth whitening. I've been using whitening trays for the last 6 months with a small led light and in 6 months time I wasn't able to get my teeth as white as they did in one treatment. I definitely plan to go back as they now have a $49/month upkeep package which is a HUGE deal so I am really stoked about it!
The office was clean and gorgeous, the staff was super nice and everything was calming and simple. Highly recommend!!! :)

Mandana B.
Solana Beach, CA
I really love this place! I did a 30 minute teeth whitening session and my teeth are almost 2 full shades whiter! The LED light really helps.
This place is so much better than going to a dentist office to whiten your teeth. The experience is much more pleasant. It's a beautiful environment with a big cozy chair and spa music playing. Since it's DIY, it's also way cheaper than a dentist because you're not paying for an office visit. Even though it's DIY, there's someone there to help you if you need it and to make sure you're doing everything right. So glad I discovered The Sugar Spa! Excited to go back and try their facials.

Kaceylynn V.
San Diego, CA
Came in to get my teeth whitened and I loooved it. They have super relaxing music. The staff was wonderful and really accommodated my needs. Anyways, they have a 16 minute or a 60 minute procedure; I chose the 60 minute one since I had enough time. There's 3 easy steps that have to be done. I was in no pain whatsoever, my spa tech made sure I was comfortable and kept my gums and teeth safe. My teeth are sensitive, so I was afraid that I would some sharp pains here and there, but NOPE! She did great! Love her for that. I recommend you come here if you're looking for a good spa. They have facials and many more treatments as well! Check them out and see for yourself!

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  • One Month Free Membership: 1 Free Session Every Week for One full Month
  • Choose From Teeth Whitening , LED Light Therapy Photofacials (Red,Blue,Yellow, Infared), Gold Mask Facials, Platinum Mask Facials, Under Eye Mask Facial Gold, Under Eye Mask Facial Platinum
  • A serene and relaxing space where aromatherapy is included in every session
  • Attention of skin professionals to guide you and ensure thrilling results.
  • High tech LED delivery systems at your fingertips, in the comfort of your favorite Sugar Spa facility.
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